About Bob & Rich


With R&b roots in his hometown of Memphis to major label pop records in L.A to journeyman songwriter in Nashville to his current, back-up-in-the-holler home in Austin Texas, Bob Cheevers has covered lots artistic ground in his career. “Whether playing shows in-and-around Austin or across the globe, Bob Cheevers brings it all to the stage every night. An Emmy winning songwriter who was a show opener on Johnny Cash’s final tour, Bob’s favorite acknowledgement is his Texas Music Award for “Singer/ songwriter Of The Year” which he received three years after moving to Austin. His artistic lifestyle and story songs live-up-to and soar above his accolades and critical acclaim. Each time he appears on a  stage…history is made.


Rich Reardin hails from Paterson, N.J., and grew up in the Susquehanna valley in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania. He went to UNM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, where he studied Photography and Cinematography, as well as playing in a band. Moving to Bloomington, Indiana in the early eighties, he married jazz singer Janiece Jaffe, and they raised two children. With kids in the picture, Rich built his first recording studio ‘Real To Reels Recording’ and became an audio engineer, as well as recording his own music. He played in various bands, and eventually built a second recording studio in Chicago, ‘Saturn Productions’ with his partner, jazz pianist Dave Gordon. He also managed the pro-audio department of Guitar Center, and helped design and build ‘Sound Center’, a division of GC in Chicago. Moving on to San Francisco, California, he worked as customer service manager for ‘Leo’s Professional Audio’ in Oakland, and eventually ‘Pro Piano’ in San Francisco in the early nineties. Moving back to Indiana, he started working for Sarkes Tarzian, Inc., and WGCL / WTTS radio. He produced many successful radio programs for 10 years, including a nationally syndicated radio show on the Public Radio Exchange called ‘In Search of a Song’ with his business partner Jason Wilber (John Prine’s longtime lead guitarist), interviewing world class musicians about their lives, music, and songwriting. He built his 5th recording studio, and created his own label for his own music ‘Deep Dog Records’. With Wilbur becoming more and more busy touring with John Prine, Rich took over hosting the program, and it morphed into it’s current form called ‘Beyond a Song’. Rich continues to produce radio programs, and is an active web designer, graphic artist, and photographer, as well as continuing to write and record music prolifically. He also is a world traveler, and with his partner Sam Blango (originally from Liberia, West Africa) produces radio in Jamaica, and is working on bringing new media to Caribbean and African countries. Based now in Indiana, he has also created this podcast with his good friend Bob Cheevers, in order to talk about their collective experiences in music.


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