About ‘Two Good Ears’ Podcasts

Many years ago, Bob Cheevers created a singer/songwriter festival in Austin, Tx., and ‘Overacheevers’ was born. Rich Reardin interviewed Bob for his ‘In Search of a Song’ radio show on PRX (Public Radio Exchange) and they became friends. The radio interviews sparked interesting discussions about music and eventually went beyond just talking about their own careers as a singer/songwriters and producers. They found themselves discussing The Beatles, or other facets of music, musicians, and their own related experiences and feelings. Rich has interviewed over 450 major world class musicians about their lives and music, and wanted to go ‘beyond’ just interviewing artists, but discussing all facets of what he’s learned about music through his travels. And Bob also has had an incredible career that spans 6 decades, and so ‘Two Good Ears’ was born. With the relaxed atmosphere of a podcast, the lack of time constraints (radio clock), and language limits (FCC), conversations can take on a much more intimate feel. Between them, Bob and Rich have a unique and compelling style of dialogue that brings new insights into the magic of music.

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